Our DP Face Shield, provides lightweight disposable, but reusable protection, against exposure to Coronavirus carrying micro-droplets. This easy to transport, easy to assemble and easy to wear product, is suitable for everyday medical, professional or personal use.

The DP Corona Face Shield has been purposely designed as reusable is manufactured from a highly resilient PET thermoplastic polymer resin and resistant against multiple forms of a chemical attack. Once worn or if exposed, the shield is easily cleaned with the recommended anti-viral or alcohol-based sterilizing solution.

Our lightweight PET based face shield is also strong, shatterproof and 100% recyclable, a combination ideal for use as part of a trusted P.P.E kit. Using a lightweight, crystal clear face shield translated directly to ease of wear, essential when worn for extended periods of time.The DP Corona Face Shield is supplied in easy to ship carton cardboard boxes, packaged flat and sealed, for your added protection. Once opened, each face shield is manually configured to be easily worn, and fully adjustable to fit any head size.

Our DP Corona Face Shield is readily available now and can be airfreighted directly to you, within 4 to 5 working days of a confirmed order. This ultra-fast delivery time is made possible by DANPAL’s unique position, as a global supplier of advanced thermoplastic polymer products. All purchases are also backed by DANPAL, a company with over 50 years of operational experience in the market, spread over 60 countries worldwide.