A single piece extruded screen that takes the basic screen concept, a step further, by providing 180 degree protection. Clarity, assembly-free and stackable for maximum efficiency. This product, formed into the perfect self-standing shape, is ideal to be used for daily protection.Our Dandesk 180 model variant is a hassle-free screen that arrives ready to be deployed. Ideal for use at desktop situations, such as in schools, colleges or checkout points at small retailors. You are assured of vital protection, with minimal fuss and instinct install times.The standard 300/600/300 configuration, has been tailored to meet the demands, of everyday use. We can however, supply the unit in customizable dimensions, depending on your specific needs! This level of adaptability is unique in the market, and is only available due to our ability, to self-produce all items.The polycarbonate polymer used in the manufacture of our 4mm DanDesk screen, provides superior strength and robustness. Our product will not easily break, yet remains lightweight and is resistant against shattering. All this translates into a simple screen that is both easy to use, but also effective as a daily barrier against CV-19 carrying micro-droplets.


Our most comprehensive desk or counter based solution yet! This crystal clear screen, comes ready for easy assembly, and quick installation for when you need it most. A barrier against CV-19 and other harmful pathogens, which still looks attractive for use within a professional environment.Our quick to assemble desk or table top based unit, has the added benefit of allowing for, the transfer of small items underneath the front screen. This is especially advantages, in situations where money, charge cards or receipts, need to be transferred between individuals separated by the screen.There is no need for the use of screws or clips to fully-assemble the Dandesk 3-Side, rather, each component slides into place with precision. We have gone to meticulous lengths, to ensure perfect fit and finish, as can be attested to from our ISO standards rated factory. Once assembled and in place, the unit is robust enough, to withstand the rigours of daily use. Our product is made from a resilient polycarbonate thermoplastic material, many times stronger than toughened glass! This shatterproof technology, helps insure safe use and long life in the field.


The ultimate solution for extra-length counters, where spanning ability is a premium commodity. Our transparent screen, is supported by several interlocking legs, and for added safety, the top 2 corners are rubber-guarded. Complete protection, in an elegant form factor, but robust enough for long-life use.The Dandesk Pack is a rigid clear screen product, with the unique ability, to span extra-long lengths. What does this mean, it means that with this single screen, you now can cover a much wider desk area. Imagine a reception desk at a hotel, or a public administration facility at a government office, the Dandesk Pack is your solution.In addition, the perfectly transparent screen comes complete with all the supporting legs, necessary to keep the unit stable. With such wide protection, we foresee the need for both of the top corners to be rubberised. These rubber stoppers, are added to protect against accidental contact, keeping you safe.The 4mm polycarbonate screen, is tough enough to protect not only against the micro-droplets that might carry the CV-19 pathogen, but also strong enough to survive impacts. With each unit being produced in our state-of-the-art ISO accredited factory, quality control is always on the forefront of our minds.