A tall floor-based partition that creates a separation between certain areas, in designated public locations. DanWall was designed to provide individuals in public places such as hospitals, shopping centres, waiting areas, banks and hotels, with ideal protection against the Coronavirus. DanWall is made of a hard and durable plastic, and comes with Danpal®’s unique ‘Danpalon MC’ finish.Our DP DanWall solutions, provide several distinct configuration options, with the Danpalon panel, aluminium framing, over-all width and height – all being variables. We offer our DanWall in several semi-transparent options, each providing a certain level of both translucency but also privacy.DanWall also has the ability to be configured in a modular fashion, giving you the freedom you need, to securely cordon or divide large areas. Closed indoor spaces, often comes the need for additional light, something we have taken into consideration. DanWall LED is the answer, with integrated LED lighting built into each modular partition wall, your interior can now shine!Speak with one of our DANPAL specialists, and we can help you make the right decision on the combination of Danpalon panel, frame, LED lighting and modular form factor selection. In this way, we can help match your needs, with the night protective partition barrier option.